You can find here some of my previous projects.

I value my clients’ confidentiality and the trust they place in me, so I do not disclose clients’ names or other information that could let people identify a specific project unless I get their explicit permission to do so beforehand.

Fashion & Jewelry

  • Website localization for luxury brands of clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, watches, jewelry and other accessories.
  • Translation of brochures, catalogs, product descriptions, lookbooks, press releases, newsletters, social media content, training materials for salespersons, letters and other materials for internal use only.

Tourism & Hospitality

Video Games

  • Localization of video games texts for agencies and for Ankama Group: NPC dialogs, UI, descriptions of objects and characters, etc. for MMORPGs, mobile games and console games; newsletters, changelogs and blog posts.
  • Translation of marketing texts and characters background stories and descriptions for a big US-based gaming company (ongoing project through a translation agency).


  • Group translation from English into Italian of the drama monologue Nice by Mustapha Matura made by the students of the Postgraduate Master Course in Translation of Post-Colonial Texts.
  • Translation from English into Italian of Asimov’s short story Party by Satellite (unpublished in Italy) for my Bachelor’s thesis: Translating Science Fiction: Isaac Asimov’s Party by Satellite.


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