Education & CPD

I started studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in 2003 and I completed my Master’s Degree in 2009.
Upon completing my studies, I started reading articles, watching webinars, and attending online and in-person conferences about marketing, CAT tools, new media & technologies, my translation working fields and other topics of interest for the translation industry.
Here you can find a non-exhaustive list of my education & CPD activities.

2024 Webinar “Breaking the AIs: Hands-on Prompting for Translators” [1.5 hours].


TranslaStars: Webinar “ChatGPT and Bard for Translators” [2 hours].


ITI Beauty Fashion Luxury Network: Webinar “Translating Cosmetics: Regulations, Claims and Classifications” [1 hour].


TranslaStars: Online Course “Translating E-Commerce: from Online Stores to Amazon” [6 hours] (in Italian).


ITI Beauty Fashion Luxury Network: Webinar “Copywriting for the Beauty and Fashion Industries” [1.5 hours].


ITI Beauty Fashion Luxury Network: Webinar “Translating for Fashion and Lifestyle Brands [1 hour].


Some online sessions of the AI Expo for a total amount of 5 hours.


TranslaStars: Online Course “SEO & SEA Localization and Content Creation (II Edition) [20 hours].


TranslaStars: Online Course “SEO Localization and Translation [10 hours] (in Italian).


STL Formazione: Modules 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15 of the Online Course “Translating (and Communicating) Fashion & Luxury” [12 hours] (in Italian).


AITI: Webinar “Digital Communication: Best Practices for Translators and Interpreters [2 hours] (in Italian).

2022 Virtual Conference “International Translation Day 2022.


STL Formazione: Online Course “Translating Cosmetics” [9 hours] (in Italian).


Some online sessions of the Financial Success for Translators Summit for a total amount of 7 hours.


STL Formazione: Online Course “Transcreation of Marketing & Advertising Texts” [8 hours] (in Italian).


STL Formazione: Online Course “Translating Fashion” [6 hours] (in Italian).


AITI: Online Course “Software and Website Localization: Basic Notions and Best Practices” [6 hours] (in Italian).

2020 Virtual Conference “International Translation Day 2020”.

2020 Webinar “What’s Your Angle? Transcreation as a Specialisation” [1 hour].

2020 Webinar “SEO and Translation in the Tourism Field [1.5 hours] (in Italian).

2020 Webinar “Copywriting for Translators” [1.5 hours] (in Italian).

2020 Webinar “Luxury and Translation: Marketing, Brand Development and Transcreation” [1 hour] (in Italian).


AITI: WebinarTechnological Tools for Time Management” [3 hours] (in Italian).

2018 Virtual ConferenceInternational Translation Day 2018”.

2016 Regional Conference in Matera, Italy – Translation and Excellence (in Italian).

2016 Virtual Conference for International Translation Day.

2016 Online Event “Marketing & Recruitment Day”.


Labo Fumetto: Creative Writing Course (Prose, Poetry, Drama, Comics) [65 hours] (in Italian).

2015 Online Event “CAT Tool & Software Day”.

2015 WebinarShirts, Shorts and Shoes: Fashion Translation at a Glance” [1 hour].

2015 Webinar “How to Create Profitable and Rewarding Relationships with Translation Agencies” [1 hour].


SDL/RWS: Post Editing Certification.

2014 Virtual Conference for International Translation Day.

2014 International Conference Pisa, Italy Looking Forward: Skills, Challenges and Perspectives (part in English and part in Italian).

2013 Freelance Translator Virtual Conference.

2013 Virtual Conference for Translation Professionals on Industry Innovation and Technology Best Practices – presented in conjunction with SDL Trados


Pisa University: Course in Translation of Young Adult Fiction from English to Italian [CFU/ECTS: 5].

2012 Freelance Translator Virtual Conference – The Freelance Translator as Professional CEO.


Pisa University: 1-year Postgraduate Diploma in Translation of Post-Colonial Texts from English to Italian: Literature, Essays, Drama and Cinema [CFU/ECTS: 60].

2011 Freelance Translator Virtual Conference – “Small Changes, Big Results”.

2010 Freelance Translator Virtual Conference.


Salento University: 2-year Master’s Degree in Literary and Technical Translation (tourism, subtitling, computer game localization) [grade: 110/110 with honors; CFU/ECTS: 120].


Alliance Française (Lecce, Italy): DELF B2.


Lecce University: 3-year Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting [grade: 110/110; CFU/ECTS: 180].

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